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Water Safety

Monday 28/11/2022

Every year we lose friends and whānau to our rivers, oceans and swimming pools and a majority of these deaths are preventable. This year, the number of preventable drownings has been described as a national tragedy, and the impact on the families and communities impacted is devastating. People across all age groups lose their life in the water and males are four times more likely to drown than females. Plenty of fatal accidents begin with “it won’t happen to me”, so rather than falling victim to the Swim Reaper, let’s make this summer memorable for the right reasons. Supervise little ones around water, wear a life jacket when fishing/ boating and remember to stop, look and think before getting in the water. He are some links that can help you make sure you’re water-ready this summer:

Under 5: Water Safety for little people

Kia Manu, Kia Ora: Stay afloat, stay alive

Learn to Swim: Swimming classes in your area 

The Swim Reaper


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