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Kiribati Language Week

Sunday 12/07/2020

Kiribati is the South Pacific's largest marine reserve, and home to around 116,300 people. Kiribati’s geography renders it extremely vulnerable to the effects of climate change, including rising sea levels and the saltwater inundation of fresh water supplies. There are a number of Kiwis who share connections with Kiribati and while there is not a wealth of resources for i-Kiribati speakers, the language is thriving thanks to grassroots efforts. In 2019, Finlayson Park Primary School in Manurewa established a Kiribati language unit. The theme for Kiribati language week this year is 'Ribanan te Taetae ni Kiribati e Kateimatoa ara Katei ao Kinakira'; meaning 'Nurturing Kiribati language promotes our Cultural Identity and Heritage'.

Here are some phrases you can practice if you are new to the Kiribati language but wanting to up your skills to celebrate this week!

Mauri                                                                                           Greetings!
Kam na mauri n tai aei ae te bong n taetae ni Kiribati      Wishing all a happy Kiribati language week
Ko uara?                                                                                     How are you? (singular)
Kam uara?                                                                                  How are you? (plural)
Ko rabakau n taetae ni Kiribati?                                             Do you speak Kiribati?
Teraa n te taetae ni Kiribati te taeka ae ...?                          How do you say… in Kiribati?

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