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NZ Music Month

Thursday 10/05/2018

NZ Music Month is a celebration of kiwi music across all genres, and this year’s theme “Discover New” encourages you to delve beyond the tracks and artists you already know to find out who else and what else is out there. There are gigs happening throughout May and over 200 venues in Auckland alone are showcasing great local talent. Whether it’s your favourite artist with some new tracks, or a band you’ve never heard of, this month presents plenty of opportunities to expose yourself to some great new sounds. Check out who’s playing in your neighbourhood!

NZ Music Month is a great chance to discover the next big thing at home before the rest of the world does. By going to live shows, supporting venues, buying the artist’s merch and adding their tunes to your playlists, you can become an active supporter of cool new music” - NZ Music Month Event Coordinator Rodney Fisher

For a taste of what’s out there, events and to “Discover New”, check out and remember if you have an idea for a NZ Music programme, pitch it to us here and you could be in to win 6 months free airtime! Just remember to include “NZ MUSIC CONTEST” in the programme description when you fill out the application.

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