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Wednesday 22/08/2018

As we all become increasingly aware of the environmental challenges the world is facing, one organisation has been the voice for nature since way back when. For nearly 100 years, Forest & Bird have been at the forefront of environmental protection, keeping the wellbeing of our land, water and native fauna in check.

One of the crucial issues we currently face is the spread of kauri dieback.  Other threats to our natural tāonga include agricultural waste, plastic waste, and commercial fishing. For many of us, the only reason we are aware of these challenges is from the relentless advocacy of organisations like Forest & Bird.

Forest & Bird are an independent organisation and do not receive government funding . There are a number of ways you can support the vital work they do. As well as financial donations, there are opportunities to volunteer and you can keep up with their work by checking out their quarterly magazine, which is available in hard copy or as a free download

Find out more about the wonderful work they do at

Forest and Bird

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