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Niue Language Week

Monday 17/10/2022

Fakaalofa lahi atu! Faahi Tapu he Vagahau Niue / Niue Language Week 2022 is October 16-22, so now is the ideal time to encourage your friends and whānau to learn some (or more!) of the language of Aotearoa’s fourth largest Pasifika community. The Niuean language is closely related to Tongan but also distantly to Māori, Sāmoan, and Hawaiian. Here are some phrases for beginners:

Hello/Greetings              Fakaalofa atu                Nice to meet you           Mitaki kua feleveia a taua

How are you?                  Malolo nakai a koe?        Fine, thank you                Malolo, fakaaue

What is your name?         Ko hai e higoa haau?       My name is ______          Ko ______ e higoa haaku

Please                              Fakamolemole                Thank you                        Fakaue lahi


We are waiting for many of our Niue language programmes to return live once our new studios are completed, but you can still tune into Niue Health at 7.40pm Wednesdays on 104.6FM.

The 2022 Niue Language Week theme is ‘Fakatūleva e Vagahau Niue mo e Tau Aga Fakamotu ma e Tau Atuhau' meaning 'Sustain Niue Language and Culture for Future Generations'. Visit for language resources!

And check out the NZ Niue Language Week Facebook page to keep up with the latest news and events

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