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Fijian Language Week

Sunday 03/10/2021

Nacawa ni vosa vakaviti / Fijian language week is Sunday 3 October - Saturday 9 October. This week celebrates the language and culture of Fijian Kiwis and is an opportunity to connect and develop a deeper understanding of the language and culture of Fiji. This year’s theme for Macawa ni Vosa Vakaviti / Fijian Language Week is 'Noqu Vosa, Ai Vakadei ni Noqu Tiko Vinaka' meaning 'my language provides stability to my wellbeing'.

Here are some basics for beginners who are keen to start their journey getting acquainted with the Fijian language:


Hello                     Bula / Ni sa bula vinaka

Good morning      Yadra

Thank you            Vinaka

Yes                        Io

No                         Sega       

Goodbye               Moce mada / Ni sa moce



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