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International Women's Day

Friday 22/02/2019

March 8 is International Women’s Day. Gender equity is an ongoing challenge, and while there are many stories of progress and success to be celebrated, there are plenty of statistics that show we have a long way to go. Equal pay is yet to be achieved, and our domestic violence statistics are still appalling. These are everyday issues, but International Women’s Day is a time to encourage education and dialogue around how we acknowledge and address them.

On the morning of March 8, the Pantograph Punch will be hosting The War Room, an intimate breakfast where guests will be seated with one of 20 guests to discuss a question they’re grappling with: in their fields, their lives, and their city. Speakers include Miriama Kamo, Tracey McIntosh, Amber Curreen, Jackie Clark, Aych McArdle, Chelsie Preston Crayford, Cypris Afakasi, Sarah Longbottom, Dr Teah Anna Lee Carlson, Grace Stratton, Ilana James, Leah Pao, Alison Mau, Alice Canton, Karamia Muller, Juliet Gerrard, Kolokesa U. Māhina-Tuai, JessB, Sacha Judd and Ranjna Patel. 

You can also scout out other International Women’s day events in Auckland. 

Another way to celebrate is to support organisations that provide care for women. Here are some in Auckland:

Auckland Women’s Centre 


The Aunties 

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