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Rukenga Kai: Food scraps collection

Friday 14/04/2023

Auckland Council’s food scraps collection service, rukenga kai, is being rolled out across the city. Rukenga kai translates to “food cast onward” and the service will help reduce the amount of waste going to landfill by converting household food scraps into a renewable resource while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Each household will receive a kerbside bin, kitchen caddy, compostable bin liners and an information brochure. If you haven’t received yours yet, don’t worry! The rollout is region by region. Waitākere residents may have already received their bins, and Aucklanders in other areas can expect theirs to show up between May and November

Food scraps bins will be collected kerbside weekly along with residents’ weekly rubbish collection.

An estimated 39,000 tonnes of food scraps is expected to be collected in the first year of this new service, the equivalent to taking 10,000 medium sized cars off the road for a year.

So keep your eye out for your brand new bin, and for more information about rukenga kai, visit 

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