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Three Days for the Planet

Tuesday 13/06/2017

Arbor Day

Trees are the guardians of soil, water and air.  Beauty and shade are among their other gifts.  Arbor Day on June 5th is a perfect excuse to plant for the planet.  There are projects listed on Trees that Count or you can devise your own.  That may just be one small tree, a seedling for the future, a lifetime friend in your garden. 

World Environment Day is a global event that you can connect with here.

It’s hard to spot what we’re doing in Aotearoa/NZ for World Environment Day On June 5th, so it could be down to you. The Ministry for the Environment is displaying a logo that says: Raise your voice not the sea level.  So it seems there’s an invitation to speak up about policies that are raising CO2 levels. Kiwis have plenty to speak up about so get those emails flying to the Honourable Nick Smith on and the Honourable Maggie Barry or raise your voices (singing, chanting, speaking) to the Conservation Minister’s Electorate Office , near sea-level at 15 Anzac Ave, Takapuna.

World Oceans Day

The idea of the day was proposed by Canada at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992.  This year the theme is plastic pollution prevention and cleaning the ocean of marine litter. Things are so much worse now that it would be wise to consider every day oceans day and avoid plastic packaging.

Meantime, each year more than 7 billion tonnes of rubbish makes its way into the sea. Sustainable Coastlines have made that commitment and built a wonderful organisation that knows fishing for trash and ocean pollutants can be social, fun and creative. Project Jonah knows the oceans are sick and have prepared a beach Clean-Up Kit.

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