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30 yrs Loving Auckland - Our Diverse City

Monday 11/09/2017

From simple beginnings to a fully-fledged broadcaster, Access Community Radio has a rich history that demonstrates community desire to have their own voice and hear their own languages and interests. Read our story about a station that tells your stories.

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Tongan Language Week

Sunday 03/09/2017

We’re counting down to Tongan Language Week - 10! hongofulu, 9! hiva, 8! valu, 7! fitu, 6! ono, 5! nima, 4! fā, 3! tolu, 2! ua, 1! taha. From Sept 3-9 the theme is Enriching Aotearoa with the Tongan Spirit.

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Ten Years on from Indigenous Rights Delcaration

Thursday 10/08/2017

In Greenland and Colombia, Canada and Aotearoa, Australia and Indonesia – across the planet the original inhabitants of nations are struggling to retain their lands, their languages and lifestyles

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Community Notices

The Joy of Dance

Friday 25/08/2017

Dance 4 Us is a drop-in movement therapy programme for adults with special needs. Tuesdays 1.30-2.30pm, Pearce Hall, 1 Pearce Street (behind Onehunga Community Centre) and Fridays 11am-12pm, MPHS Hubwest, 27 Corban Ave, Henderson. Learn more here

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