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Thursday, 9 August, 2012

Ducu Bertzi & Mihai Nenita Interview

The Romanian radio team catch up with Ducu Bertzi and Mihai Nenita after their performance in Auckland. Ducu's songs are usually his own compositions, but he also has in his repertoire some Romanian folk songs. His best-known songs are "Ṣi de-ar fi..." ("If it would be..."), "Floare de colţ" ("Edelweiss"), "M-am îndrǎgostit numai de ea" ("I fell in love with her only"), "Suflet fǎrǎ chei" ("Keyless soul"), "Omul pǎdurii" ("Man of the woods"). Mihai Nenita is an amazing violinist who has even been called a "magician of the violin". He's been studying the instrument since the age of 12.

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