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Garden Planet

Are you green-fingered or all thumbs when it comes to gardening? Garden Planet tackles everything from seasonal gardening and garden maintenance, to problem-solving, troubleshooting, and what to plant and when. Tune in for garden goss, community notices and interviews with experts and enthusiasts on all things green or growing. Email with your questions. 


  • Presenter / Producer: Selina Chan

    In a previous life Selina worked as a librarian and hosted Book Chooks, a radio show for book lovers. Her other love is gardening and she's since had the chance to work as a gardener, managing to keep up her garden blogging alongside. She is an avid reader and writer, loves singing, and shares the garden duties with her chickens.

  • Presenter: Karyn Jones

    A firm believer in community and self-sustainability, Karyn has always had an interest in nature and keenness for gardening. A part-time teacher, mum to Max and wife to Pierre, Karyn jumped at the opportunity to join the Garden Planet team. As she puts it: We can save the planet one organic garden (or two...) at a time. Hear, hear!

Garden Planet

Wednesday, 29 July, 2020

Under the weather

We're talking about the weather affecting Garden Planet this week with West Auckland meterologist Albert Chan. Our plant of the week is blooming now despite the weather.

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    Beware the locusts! Karyn reports on devastating swarms of plague proportions around the world while Selina is more concerned with biosecurity (or lack of it) at home. How do we quarantine our plants?

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