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Romanie Plai de Dor

This 60 minute show presents news from Romania and from the Romanian community living in Auckland. The show introduces local and touring personalities, arts and sports news and children’s segments, shares humour and favourite Romanian music and takes live calls from listeners.  [64] 09 815.8100


  • Producer / Presenter: Lucia Davies

    Lucia previously worked with a unit of radio Cluj Napoca Romania. Lucia is ‘in love’ with radio and her programmes are full of good news and music.  She is a mum of two young boys, works in community development and still finds time to serve on the Management Committee of Planet FM.

  • Producer / Presenter: Manuela Hrib

    An economist who has moved into library services, Manuela is the proud mother of two young sons. With her Hungarian husband she came to NZ in 2003 and became involved with the radio in 2009 as a link to her roots, heritage and history and to keep kids culturally connected. Her Latin roots make for a passionate personality and presentation.

  • Presenter: Camelia Petrus

    Camelia Petrus worked in the past with a unit of radio Brasov Romania. With a background in psychology this mother of two and bunica of three, is now working in educational documentary making for Tuatara films. She is dedicated to the promotion of ‘talk show’ programmes full of good Romanian folk music.

  • Presenter: Calin Rosu

    Calin was there when his late father initiated the Romanian show on Planet FM in the 90’s.  Now he’s back –married and the father of one youngster, he enjoys time outdoors, cycling and swimming. Calin’s preferred music is heavy metal and 80’s pop and a good night in would involve lasagne and a sci-fi movie.

  • Presenter: Corneliu Boar

    Corneliu came to NZ for the Rugby World Cup in 2011 and stayed. He played rugby in Romania for 25 years and is now a North Shore referee.  Corneliu works in the hospitality industry as a pastry chef, makes traditional Romanian sausages as well as ice-cream. Time out with his wife means visiting friends and the beach.  Jazz, r ’n b and blues are his preferred music.

Romanie Plai de Dor

Friday, 13 May, 2022

Romanian current & community affairs

Music, news, drama, events and guests. Hear the latest events from Auckland's Romanian community.

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