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Roger's Eclectic Journey

Playing a song from his collection of 45’s, LP’s and CD’s for every year since 1964, Roger Bowie takes you on an eclectic journey through 50 years of music. With every third show dedicated solely to Americana, Roger’s Eclectic Journey is a musical voyage. Tune in for tales of his own travels and the music that has taken him round the world.


  • Producer / Presenter: Roger Bowie

    Roger began collecting music in 1964. A big Americana fan, he makes a regular pilgrimage to Nashville’s AmericanaFest and his rock ‘n’ roll claim to fame is a round of golf with Alice Cooper. Starting with 45’s and eventually adding LP’s and CD’s to the mix, he’s built up a solid collection of eclectic and occasionally obscure musical treasures. And for those wondering; yes, that is his real name.

Roger's Eclectic Journey

Saturday, 21 March, 2020

Roger's Eclectic Journey

Join Roger Bowie as he takes you on a voyage through 50 years of music

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  • Clapton, Page, Beck: the Great Faceoff 1964-1973

    • SATURDAY 19/10/2019
    • Music

    A change in focus, not so eclectic, but celebrating the fact that at the end of World War II, three young men were born within 15 months of each other and within 15 kilometres, in London. They all played in the Yardbirds, they each went on to become amongst the greatest rock and blues guitarists in the world. Yes, it’s Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton, and we examine their legacy from the lens of my collection. The great Faceoff !!

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