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Sunday, 4 December, 2022

Literary lounge: Getting Real

In a repeat of an earlier episode, Alison and Ineka are in the Literary Lounge and are talking resilience, resistance and rapturous reunions. Books mentioned in the show can be borrowed or requested for Click and Collect by Auckland Libraries members using the links below: Rough lives speak / Street Poets & Artists Collective Enterprise: Richard Whelan, Tim Gray, Richard Nightingale, Lana Te Rore, John Joseph Hughes, Ta Iuli, Filipo Tu'u (artist); editors: Daren Kamali, David Eggleton – 2022 – Adult Poetry: bit.ly/3gKl3I4 Finding me: a memoir / Viola Davis – 2022 – Adult Non-Fiction: https://bit.ly/3NdxJ6f All about Evie / Matson Taylor – 2022 – Adult Fiction: bit.ly/3TEsU8r The colony / Audrey Magee – 2022 – Adult Fiction: bit.ly/3SCzlre Long past summer / Noué Kirwan – 2022 – Adult Romance: bit.ly/3DaI26E

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