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Books and Beyond

Here’s an exciting show from those in the know. Three serious and not-so-serious librarians from Auckland Libraries explore the world of books with guest authors, recommended reads, news and reviews, poetry and gems from the Central Library basement and Special Collections.  There are Book Club briefs with tips and connections. For book lovers, this is the listen of the week!


  • Producer / Presenter: Karen Craig

    Karen grew up in California, lived many years in Italy where she worked as a translator, before coming to New Zealand at the millennium and becoming a librarian. From a reading-obsessed family she likes all kinds of writing – fiction old and new from around the world, and non-fiction, especially memoirs, essays and travel writing. Besides writing and talking, not always about books, Karen watches movies, learns languages and savours travelling.

  • Presenter: Louisa Semmons

    Louisa is an Aucklander born-and-bred, with Cook Islands heritage.  From a sporty family, she used to run but is now a walker and yoga enthusiast. In 2016 she walked the Camino de Santiago.  After working in corporates and the not-for-profit sector, Louisa retrained as a librarian.  She continues to broaden her knowledge reading non-fiction, including biographies.  Fictional favourites include stories of the South Pacific as well as short stories.

  • Presenter: Alison Fitzpatrick

    A science graduate and constant reader, Alison began her career as a chemist but soon emerged from the lab to join the wonderful world of humans and books. Now a seasoned librarian, Alison is a self-described ‘free radical’ and flâneur who plays Tai Chi and performs in a ukulele band. She’s an open-minded reader who enjoys sampling the latest fiction, with a particular penchant for a good crime novel.

Books and Beyond

Sunday, 16 June, 2019

Travel writing

Karen and Louisa celebrate the art of travel writing and share some favourites old and new.

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