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Green Planet

On Green Planet, Tim Lynch is networking knowledge and making connections with leading figures, internationally and nationally on a breadth of green topics. Hear Tim in discussion with the expert, the inspired and the experienced in green economics, politics, systems, solutions, sustainability. Select from the topics in the Green Planet archive and explore his website and blog.


  • Producer / Presenter: Tim Lynch

    Tim Lynch spent 17 years flying internationally as crew with Air New Zealand in "near earth orbit." He became aware that our planet is a super organism and that somehow humanity has become disconnected from it. However, Tim is a committed networker who believes in imminent change. He loves the outdoors, gardening and friends.

  • Presenter: Lisa Er

    Born in England, Lisa grew up in Wanganui, married a Muslim Turk, has three sons and a grand-daughter. Having developed Lisa's Hummus and won the ASB Business Woman of the Year, she sold the business to pursue her social philosophies, first standing as a Green candidate and now through The Awareness Party. Lisa loves walking in nature and has been singing with Auckland Choral since 1974.

Green Planet

Thursday, 13 June, 2019

Eating Dirt with Allan Thomas

What is Calcium Bentonite Clay from the mineral rich plains of Southland in New Zealand? There are important health benefits that are found in the ground - that benefit our human instrument.

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  • Kia Ora Gaza

    • FRIDAY 26/08/2016
    • Health

    In this interview with Lisa Er, Roger Fowler, leader of two Kiwi humanitarian convoys to Gaza, encourages us to stand for peace and justice for the Palestinians. Roger is organizer of Kia Ora Gaza which has sponsored NZ involvement in several international solidarity convoys to break Israels inhumane siege of Gaza. Roger was awarded a QSM Queens Service Medal in 1999. First bcast: 8 Sept 2016

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