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Thursday, 12 June, 2014

Sr Anne Warren - Spiritual Companion

Sr Anne Warren is one of the Spiritual Companions at the Mercy Spirituality Centre. She also facilitates different workshops and retreats at the Centre. In this interview she talks about her workshop on ‘Prayer in Our Busy Lives. In her work as Spiritual Companion she walks along side with people, helping them to accept developmental transitions as part of their daily lives. Every stage of life leads to different prayers. Sr Anne shows how Bible Scripture passages can be used to accompany us in our daily lives.

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Planet FM 30th Anniversary

In 2017 Planet FM turned 30 years old.  Planet FM’s history reflects the life of the region we represent and the communities who have chosen to make media in support of established and new communities in up to 52 languages. Among the rich array of programming there are cultural reflections, special needs and interests, colourful music selections and a great array of community conversations. We celebrate not only our 30 years but our role in reflecting Aucklanders in all our diversity.

Youth Voices

Tristan Pang is inspired. He wants to share what he has discovered as a gifted young person in aiming high and following dreams. Tristan’s inspirational talks at schools, education conferences, organisations, and institutions have been well received and Tristan’s 15 minutes on radio offers inspirational talks, interviews, and stories from a youth perspective.

Grey Power On Air

Here is radio that is by, for and about the senior community in Auckland. An extension of their ongoing advocacy for seniors, Grey Power presents a monthly programme designed to entertain, inform and empower over 65's.

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