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English for Migrants

Presented by an experienced English teacher who understands the needs of his fellow migrants, these 30 minute lessons cover all aspects of English including Pronunciation, Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. Hear how to improve English for general and workplace communication, social interactions, job interviews, IELTS and academic writing, along with interviews with migrants and English experts.


  • Adon Kumar

    Thirty years a Kiwi from Malaysia, with a BA in English and MA in Applied Linguistics, Adon took up teaching English after a successful career in IT. Having added a TESOL Certificate from Trinity College, London, he took to teaching English for Specific Purposes at Unitec and has been a private tutor for over 10 years. Adon enjoys working on his lifestyle farm, speaks at migrant seminars, serves as a J.P., loves cooking and singing.

English for Migrants

Friday, 19 August, 2016

The Language of Christmas

Cars everywhere, beautiful decorations and music in the shopping malls and the supermarket trolleys are bulging with groceries. What is going on? It is Christmas time and Kiwis are getting ready for this special festival. In this lesson you will find about the meaning of Christmas and the words you need to learn to use at this time of the year. Learn about what Kiwis do during this festive season and if you are invited to a Christmas party you will know what to do and say.

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