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Monday, 11 August, 2014

Chris Dale East Auckland Home & Budget Service

Chris Dale is the manager of East Auckland Home & Budget Service in Panmure. The organisation has a holistic approach towards people who seek help in budgeting questions. Chris is part of G-FIT (Growing Financial Independence Tamaki), a programme that aims to educate people and protect them from dubious money lenders.

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Gospel Miracle Time

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Resettled Radio

Resettled Radio is a production of the Auckland Refugee Community Coalition whose vision is a settled, integrated and thriving former refugee community in Auckland. ARCC represents some 18 registered refugee community organisations from 15 different countries. The radio show aims to open discussion on the progress of former refugees in Aotearoa/NZ through interviews, debate, news and talkback. Each week Resettled Radio welcomes guests, listens to their stories and music and explores current affairs as they relate to resettlement communities today.

Catholic Opinion

A 30 minute weekly programme of biblical and Catholic Church commentary.

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