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Deco Retro

A combination of modern and organic motifs, Art Deco design continues to be captivating and collectable. Deco is the passion of the presenters of this programme that explores the local and global Deco scene, preservation and heritage, the buildings, jewellery and furnishings with interviews, music, notice of coming events; a sharing of the knowledge of the Art Deco Society of Auckland.


  • Producer / Presenter: Nancy Smith

    Nancy once had a shop selling antiques, including many Art Deco items of china, jewellery, lamps, even clothes. She has long worked in hospitality and currently operates a B&B. The mother of two daughters and grandmother of three, Nancy enjoys cooking and gardening and especially savours art house movies, especially when screened at the Deco-styled Civic Theatre.

  • Presenter: Philippa Wallace

    In the 60's Philippa moved to London and the Webber-Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art. She performed in pantomime and children’s theatre before traveling the world. On her return home Philippa rediscovered NZ through our stories on radio, film and television. Horse riding, reading, walking and environmental issues all claim her time along with her interest in the history of fashion and all things Deco and Retro.

Deco Retro

Wednesday, 8 July, 2020

Warwick Henderson

Warwick Henderson talks about his book “The Fascinating History of Toys and Games Around the World”. An avid collector of toys and games for over 40 years, Warwick reveals many interesting and surprising facts, so we decided to repeat it.

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