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Vai ko Soatani

A programme dedicated to providing information and companionship to Tongan seniors. Producer and presenter Tapvalu “Otunuku” works in the aged care sector as a dedicated advocate for the elderly community, and is committed to sharing their stories and voices, as well as providing vital information on health and wellbeing. Tune in for an inspirational hour.  


  • Producer/Presenter: Tapavalu Otunuku Palau

    Otunuku is a passionate supporter of and advocate for the elderly community. He provides a bus service for members of the Langimalie Health Centre, and enjoys the opportunity to hear their stories and to offer support in whatever way he can. A grandfather of 22 – with more on the way – he appreciates time with the family and is a Tongan League Supporter. Mate Ma’a Tonga!

Vai ko Soatani

Tuesday, 18 January, 2022

Aged care on-air

A weekly hour of advice and inspiration for Tongan elders

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