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Take It From Us

On air since 1993, Take It From Us addresses the issues of recovery and wellbeing. Returning to the airwaves in 2022 with a new team bringing real stories from real people talking about their lived experience of mental health and addiction, the programme encourages positive wellness and the participation of people with lived experience of mental distress. Hear guests on current topics, who speak candidly about what's good and what's not good for their mental health.


  • Producer : Karen Murphy

    A primary school teacher in her early career, Karen found her way to radio, beginning in sales, promotions and finally as a producer for the High Performance Hour and night show on Radio Sport. She values time with friends and family and appreciates the importance of physical activity for overall wellbeing. In addition to regular Pilates sessions and strength building workouts she enjoys kayaking, swimming, playing golf and walking Irish Terrier Frankie.

  • Producer / Presenter: Kent Johns

    Kent enjoyed a career as a journalist and broadcaster, and it was the 4am starts as Radio Sport breakfast host that led him to exploring wellness and to his current role as professional health and performance coach. He is also a regular health contributor on Newstalk ZB and draws on his own experiences to inspire others. Kent lives in Auckland with his young family and a happy night in would include cooking and listening to LPs.  

Take It From Us

Tuesday, 17 May, 2022

Hear from those in the know about Mental Health – sponsored by Ember

Hear from those with lived experience of mental distress and discover pathways to recovery. An award-winning show that gets to the heart of things with the experienced and the expert.

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