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Take It From Us

Sponsored by Ember Wellbeing Trust and on air since 1993, Take It From Us addresses the issues of recovery and wellbeing. Take It From Us actively encourages positive wellness and the participation of people with lived experience of mental distress in the show. Hear guests on current topics, who speak candidly about what's good and what's not good for their mental health.


  • Producer /Presenter: Sheldon Brown

    Sheldon, on air since mid 2007, is a part-time employee of Ember Wellbeing Trust (Formerly Framework Trust). He has worked as a researcher for the BBC, a journalist and communications consultant. Sheldon is a keen tennis player who believes that exercise, a balanced lifestyle and good nutrition are crucial to good mental health.

Take It From Us

Tuesday, 26 May, 2020

James King

Former Take It From Us co host and technician James King returns to the airwaves as a guest to talk about the Covid-19 lockdown from the perspective of lived experience of mental health, and how he coped with bubble isolation

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