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Planet FM 30th Anniversary

In 2017 Planet FM turned 30 years old.  Planet FM’s history reflects the life of the region we represent and the communities who have chosen to make media in support of established and new communities in up to 52 languages. Among the rich array of programming there are cultural reflections, special needs and interests, colourful music selections and a great array of community conversations. We celebrated not only our 30 years but our role in reflecting Aucklanders in all our diversity.


  • Communty-access broadcaster: Planet FM

    During September we are putting up audio files promoting our love of Local and the voices of some of our members who talk about what they love most about Auckland – our Diverse City. A city with over 100 languages is building vital communities who are loving the setting and the lifestyle and sharing their cultures enthusiastically with daily conversations on 104.6FM and on this website.

Planet FM 30th Anniversary

Friday, 1 September, 2017

Loving Auckland - Our Diverse City

A celebration of 30 years giving voice to the diversity of Auckland peoples and cultures.

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