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Mou'i Lelei Toulekeleka

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Taani is passionate about health and wellbeing for seniors. In this hour-long programme he provides practical information on everything from using your HOP card to what to bring to a WINZ meeting, with a focus on positivity and empowerment. Tune in for useful tips, inspiration, and light physical aerobics that can be done at home, presented by Viliami (Pila) Tomu.


  • Presenter / Producer: Taani Lavulavu

    With 25+ years’ experience as a skilled Community Health Worker, Taani has done outreach work for the Tongan Health Society and health data collection for both Massey and Auckland Universities. A strong advocate for positivity and empowerment in health, he is also a keen public transport user, a Warriors fan and living testament to the power of eating your greens!


Mou'i Lelei Toulekeleka

Thursday, 26 March, 2020

Mou'i Lelei Toulekeleka

Positivity and empowerment for Tongan seniors

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