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Tuesday, 2 September, 2014

Sr Bridget Crisp Garden Project (III)

Sr Bridget Crisp is a Sister of Mercy and is involved in a Garden Project in Ellerslie called Papatuanuku ki Taurangi Earth Promise Centre. Together with Sr Rosemary Revell and Sr Teresa Anderson she encourages and supports the development of family gardens. Sr Bridget teaches families how to use the garden produce and how to prepare healthy food. Sr Bridget explains how this education in sustainable living practices is a way to honour the integrity of all life.

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Planet FM 30th Anniversary

In 2017 Planet FM turned 30 years old.  Planet FM’s history reflects the life of the region we represent and the communities who have chosen to make media in support of established and new communities in up to 52 languages. Among the rich array of programming there are cultural reflections, special needs and interests, colourful music selections and a great array of community conversations. We celebrate not only our 30 years but our role in reflecting Aucklanders in all our diversity.

Mission Breakthrough

Stories, Christian and contemporary music that illustrate Murray's Christian teachings make up this show. Interested in seeing people free from hurts and bondage, he aims to introduce listeners to Jesus, provide inspiration and revelation.


A comprehensive arts show featuring news, reviews and interviews covering all ARTS platforms: film, theatre, dance, the visual arts, books, poetry, music ... anything that is creative.  Listen in to engage with ARTS creators, participants and audience members from within our community on our 90 minute show hosted by Emma and Stephen.


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