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Youth Voices

Tristan Pang is inspired. He wants to share what he has discovered as a gifted young person in aiming high and following dreams. Tristan’s inspirational talks at schools, education conferences, organisations, and institutions have been well received and Tristan’s 15 minutes on radio offers inspirational talks, interviews, and stories from a youth perspective.


  • Presenter: Tristan Pang

    At 16, Tristan is Aotearoa’s youngest university graduate, holding a Bachelor of Science in Maths and Physics and currently studying Pure Mathematics at post-graduate level. Recognised for his unique abilities, Tristan shares his talents in various ways and has given presentations at the Mensa Asia Pacific Conference, World Science Festival in Australia, and at a Book Festival in the United Arab Emirates among other events.

Youth Voices

Wednesday, 1 December, 2021

Young and gifted

Inspirational talks, reports and interviews from a young mathematician who loves science.

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    • WEDNESDAY 3/02/2021
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    In this episode, Tristan talks about prominent British mathematician Dame Mary Lucy Cartwright

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