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Two Sugars

A chance to chill for 30 minutes on a Wednesday. Mariska,Cara and Kim will lighten your afternoon with commentary, chat and music. Entertainment and musings on hobbies, travel, golf, food and wine, living off the land. Make a cuppa and relax with Two Sugars.


  • Presenter: Mariska Mannes

    Mariska is a communications consultant and lecturer with a Master's Degree specialism in cross-cultural communications. When not at work, she's building a life 'off the grid', takes a pragmatic view of the world and is fascinated by diversity. She knows how to ask the curly questions, challenge the status quo and put together an engaging show.


  • Presenter: Irene Palmer

    Irene describes herself as opinionated and eccentric. She’s a true foodie and loves cooking for people… provided they appreciate her work! As a professional Yacht Master she has 150,000 blue water miles under her belt, and also loves hiking and the great outdoors. Travel and adventure keep her happy, with Machu Picchu and the Amazon recently knocked off her bucket list. 

  • Presenter: Cara Tipping-Smith

    Cara is a copywriter and business marketing educator with a BA in literature and politics, and an Honours Degree in psychology. She is has a keen interest in understanding the stories that sit behind what we see in the media. She has a finger on the pulse and, like Mariska, isn't afraid to ask the tough questions or voice an opinion.

  • Presenter: Kim Smith

    With diplomas in mentoring, communication and customer relations, sales and marketing, nutrition and fitness, Kim works as a personal and corporate business coach with a specialty in fun adventure. Kim enjoys helping others achieve their goals in all areas of their lives while having fun! Like Mariska and Cara, she isn’t afraid to voice an opinion.

Two Sugars

Wednesday, 18 May, 2022

Entertaining commentary, chat and music

Entertainment and musings on hobbies, travel, golf, food and wine, living off the land.

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