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Tongan Health

For thirty minutes weekly, listen for health information, health promotions, health news and talk with those involved in health projects. Click Listen to hear this week's show and check the library for a wealth of health topics.


  • Presenter: George Vea

    George works for Arthritis NZ and brings community health information to the radio with the ease of someone who has worked professionally in radio production. Touch rugby and basketball are favourite sports and while he happily presents traditional Tongan music, George is also a fan of hip-hop.

  • Presenter: Ika Vea

    Ika is the Nurse Manager of Langimalie, the Tongan Health Service. The mother of two has had a lifetime calling to the health sector, especially in the promotion of health knowledge in the Tongan community. A gardener who keeps fit with aerobics, Ika is also a member of her church choir.

Tongan Health

Monday, 19 July, 2021

Tongan Community Health - Outreach of P.I. Health & Welfare

Ways to keep well and understand your health and the health of your family. Check archives for special topics.

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