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Tinig Pinoy

The Tinig Pinoy team is here for the fun, the hot news and info in the Balitang Pinoy, the buzz about our fave actors and OPM musical artists in the Pinoy Showbiz and Musikbiz segments. Requests and dedications, comment and info sharing are welcomed -


  • Producer / Presenter: Kookie Garcia Samin

    Kookie graduated in optometry in 1984 and soon after arriving in NZ in 1996 became involved with Tinig Pinoy. While becoming mum to three children, she undertook studies in Immigration Law and Practice at Massey University and set up an immigration consultancy. Kookie is involved in many community projects and enjoys Filipino popular culture.

Tinig Pinoy

Saturday, 14 May, 2022

Hot news and info in the Balitang Pinoy

Entertainment, showbiz gossip and community news for Tagalog speakers.

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  • Mama Sita!

    • SATURDAY 28/07/2018
    • Entertainment

    Mrs Clara R. Lapus is the President of Mama Sita's, and is bringing the flavours of the Philippines to NZ with their sauces and condiments. She talks to Tinig Pinoy about being invited to participate in the Auckland Food Show and her endeavour to make Mama Sita's available to kiwis.

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