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Te Ama Pasefika Health

Te Ama Pasefika Health is promoting the well-being of Pacific people. Each week you’ll hear interviews with studio guests giving advice on health, education, employment and other support services that encourage wellness and foster healthy, happy lives for Pasefika people in New Zealand.


  • Presenter: Fale Puka

    Fale is deeply immersed in the health and well-being of the Pacific communities with extensive experience in Pacific NGO’s including child health and mental health projects, as a Health Board interpreter, an employment advisor for the Labour Dept and now as a community counsellor on health issues. Fale is a devoted grandma who dreams of holidays on the beach in Rarotonga eating mangoes, uto and breadfruit.

  • Producer / Presenter: Melemele Puka

    Melemele’s earlier work as a Like Minds promoter and radio host ignited a passion in him to make a difference in Pacific Health. The father of a young family has a certificate in public health and a strong interest in health promotion. Melemele and wife Liana are proud Westies where the keen rugby supporter can also enjoy fishing and gardening.

Te Ama Pasefika Health

Tuesday, 15 October, 2019

Dr William Cunningham

Cataract & Retinal Surgeon Dr William Cunningham is a passionate health advocate and joined Te Ama Pasefika to share his work and aspirations in providing optimal health care, particularly for Māori and Pasifika communities

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    • TUESDAY 12/07/2016
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    Sam, former Principal Advisor on Race Relations at the Human Rights Commission speaks with the Te Ama team about about his expertise in public policy, strategic thinking and business ethics, cultural and economic development, social enterprise and leadership.

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