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Taulama FakaKosipeli

Taulama Faka-Kosipeli is a 30 minute weekly religious programme that offers short devotional messages, words of encouragement, news and weekly bulletins for Tongan Methodists around the Auckland region.


  • Presenter: Siniva Vaitohi

    The mother of five young children from South Auckland, Siniva Vaitohi is a Secondary School teacher, who has produced, presented, and panelled for Taulama Fakakosipeli since 1997. As a relaxation from the demands of teaching, Siniva loves cooking, music, reading, arts & crafts. Assisting her with the programme is her husband Feleti.

  • Presenter: Feleti Vaitohi

    You may meet Feleti as you arrive in NZ – he’s a Quarantine Inspector working for the Ministry for Primary Industries based at Auckland Airport. As a father of five he enjoys taking his kids to their extra curricular activities. Watching sport, especially rugby union and league, is a preferred past-time along with reading and Feleti loves to sing.

  • Presenter: Kalolaine Taina Tautakitaki

    Family and faith are Taina’s top priorities and much of her weekend is spent at church, where she enjoys the sense of community and the opportunity to sing en masse. Taina lives with her brother and daughter and when she’s in charge of the dinner it’s taro on the menu, boiled to perfection! She enjoys reading in her quiet time and her bible is always close at hand.   

  • Panel Operator: Toakase Tautakitaki

    Toa stepped up to help the whānau with the technical production of Taulama Fakakosipeli and at 15 she is one of our youngest panel operators. A student at Mt Albert Grammar, her favourite subject is music and her specialty is the tenor horn. She’s a committed student and is currently balancing a life of full-on study with much needed sleep.

Taulama FakaKosipeli

Thursday, 12 May, 2022

Your weekly service from Auckland Tongan Methodists.

A sermon, devotions, rousing religious music and community bulletin, hosted by the talented Vaitohi team.

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