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Sports Review

There are a couple of things you should know about Eamon. The first is that his mates know him better as "Piggy", and the second is that he's mad about sports. From local legends in grassroots to national level names, Piggy's Sports Review features interviews, updates and 'the week that was'. Tune in for your weekly sports fix.


  • Eamon Hallissey

    Transplanted from Canterbury over 25 years ago and now firmly ensconced in Auckland, Eamon was once a promising sportsman, excelling at cricket, rugby and Gaelic football. A self-described couch commentator; age, diet and a dicky knee got in the way of his sports career, so he’s ensuring his sporting legend lives on from the comfort of the studio. A big advocate for grassroots sport, Eamon is a loyal supporter of Eden Rugby Club.

Sports Review

Monday, 10 January, 2022

Grant Nisbett: The voice of a generation

In this episode of the Sports Review Eamon is joined by legendary sports broadcaster Grant Nisbett MNZM, reflecting on a long and successful career behind the mic.

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