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Speakeasy FM

Speakeasy FM highlights the work of artists involved in Art + Soul, an organisation empowering young people with disabilities to be active in their communities. Tune in to hear your dedicated hosts sharing their interests and passions each week.


  • HOST: Stephen

    Your host with the most. Stephen has been with Art+Soul for three years and is a wild personality with a wicked sense of humour. As well as being a big music fan, Stephen has been gifted with a beautiful voice and captivating personality, which landed him the title of Speakeasy’s official host. When he’s not giving his producer a hard time, you can find him keeping busy in his community with aqua aerobics, at the gym and working on his art projects.



    Talented painter, art seller, energetic singer and quite the raconteur, Amy has been at Art+Soul since its inception and will gladly tell you the whole story, with no details spared. Tune in for her charming updates on life and family as she chats with her fellow peers and loving boyfriend Michael.

  • PRESENTER: Charlton

    The younger brother of the group, Charlton has been a part of the Art + Soul team for four years. You can hear his soothing deep voice on his specialty segment “Charlton’s Jukebox”. Out of the studio you’ll find him keeping active on the daily as well as monitoring his Youtube channel, which boasts over 20 thousand subscribers. 


  • PRESENTER: Michael

    Up and coming artist, working class man and exemplary boyfriend, Michael has been with Art + Soul for two years, when he joined to spend some more time with his girlfriend, Amy. Since then he has discovered his own love for producing art and for radio. When he’s not on air hearing another one of Amy’s stories, or working on his art, you’ll find him contributing to society at his job three days a week, and dancing and singing with Starjam on Fridays.  


  • PRODUCER: Greg

    Producer and occasional guest, Greg has been at Art+Soul for four years. Inspired by the abilities, personalities and love of community interaction within the Art + Soul team, Greg initiated the concept for Speakeasy FM and works with pleasure behind the scenes to create a platform for each of the young adults involved to have their voices and stories heard. When he’s not in the studio, you can catch him watching Sesame Street or at the park with his young daughter, Zoey.


Speakeasy FM

Friday, 14 January, 2022

Speakeasy FM

Stephen, Amy, Michael and Charlton update you on what's got them talking this week

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