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Senior Focus

Senior Focus is the voice of Grey Power Auckland. In recognition of the diversity of seniors, the hosts bring senior leaders and experts to the show to explore a wide range of topics. If you’re over 50, tune to Senior Focus for comprehensive information on the policies and events that impact on seniors’ wellbeing.


  • Presenter: Anne-Marie Coury

    Anne-Marie is a 60-something advocate for seniors’ wellbeing, with a background in public sector policy, health and education. She sees radio as a favourite medium for seniors and with on-demand options, a great place to find a wealth of information. For fun and friendship, Anne-Marie enjoys cycling, singing, theatre, and travel. Relaxing with a good book, and writing poetry are other pastimes.

  • Presenter: Richard Barter

    Richard has a special interest in transport, how it effects seniors and the promotion of safety for cyclists, especially around trucks. As a cyclist himself Richard rides trails in the mountains and uses a bicycle as his main choice of transport.  He’s a jazz fan and plays bass at his church, grows vegetables and enjoys looking after his grandson.

Senior Focus

Sunday, 8 December, 2019

The Voice of Grey Power Auckland

Expert advice and support on how to thrive in the Senior years.

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    • Support services

    The Auckland Central Community Shed (ACCS) is a not-for- profit community workshop where for a minimal annual fee members can have access to a fully equipped work space. Ken Buckley and Patrick Harris join Anne-Marie to explain more about this grassroots initiative.

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