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The aim of this weekly half hour is to reflect the richness of Tamil language and culture, while promoting harmonious communities within Aotearoa. Sanganatham features news, current affairs, interviews, arts and music.


  • Producer / Presenter: Aputasingham

    Aputasingham is a portrait artist and signwriter. He worked 26 years in Sri Lanka painting backdrops for cinema and painting cinema hoardings to promote movies. The father of three and grandfather of five has experience as a theatre and radio drama producer and director. When he's not busy with art and radio, he likes to watch cricket and garden.

  • PRESENTER: Azariya Rahuman

    With teaching experience and over 25 years of media experience as a producer and presenter at Sri Lanka’s national broadcaster Rupavahini, Azariya is no stranger to radio. Her work has included children and women’s programming, news, documentary and health awareness programmes among others. She values kindness, appreciates a simple lifestyle, and as well as enjoying cooking and reading is proficient in a number of languages.

  • Presenter: Pavithira Ashokkumar

    In Sri Lanka Pavithira studied drama and theatre and has an avid interest in dance, participating in many dance programmes. She enjoys listening and presenting Tamil news, music and poetry. Her experience in drama paid off with the award of best actress in a Tasmanz Tamil short film. Pavithira is the mother of a young son who enjoys loud rock music as well as quiet gardening. 

  • Presenter: Balachandran Saravanamuthu

    Bala has worked as a teacher and school principal and was a member of the school book writing community.  He graduated from Sri Lanka Peradeniya University, was a J.P. and insurance advisor.  Bala enjoys writing poetry and participating in radio drama productions.  He sometimes presents a children’s segment explaining cultural matters and covers poetry and literature for the show.

  • Presenter: Dayani Daniel

    At Eastern University in Sri Lanka, Dayani earned her BSc Hons in Agriculture and went on to work for the government as an assistant farm manager for three years with the Mahaweli Authority.  She is married to Daniel and soon after arriving here in 2017 embraced the presentation of radio features on arts, food and science.  She’s a gardener who enjoys action movies and writing stories.

  • Presenter: Rasaladchumy Balachandran

    Drama is the great passion of Raji who was formerly a civil servant in Sri Lanka. She has been involved in several drama productions for cultural celebrations and takes part in the radio dramas on Sanganatham.  Raji writes devotional articles and presents commentary on Tamil poetry and literature and is the voice of the community bulletins.

  • Presenter: Pooja Ramesh Kumar

    At 21, Pooja is currently completing her Masters of Engineering in Project Management at Auckland University. She relishes the opportunity to use radio as a tool for good - to spread awareness and love. She loves the opportunity to get amongst nature, and in her spare time she is happiest reading novels, singing, or listening to the sweet sounds of A. R. Rahman, of whom she is a self-confessed fangirl.

  • PRESENTER: Pratheepan Poopalasingam

    With 15 years experience in film and performing arts that took him all over Sri Lanka, Pratheepan has applied his many skills to a range of creative practices, including as a drama and theatre trainer. Now living in Auckland, he is a practising yoga teacher and balances his time with another creative outlet, poetry. With one book of poems published he is currently working on releasing a second.


Friday, 13 May, 2022

Promoting Tamil language and culture

Sanganatham features news, current affairs, interviews, arts and music.

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