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Samoan Health

The Pacific Island Health and Welfare Society broadcasts in five Pacific languages including Samoan. This programme delivers health information and education and aims to raise awareness of important health issues among Samoans.


  • PRODUCER/ PRESENTER: Lorenzo Kaisara

    As PHO (Total Healthcare) and Local Doctor’s Manager: Community Engagement, Lorenzo’s work is vital in breaking down barriers to healthcare access for Pasifika and Māori. Samoan-born, Lorenzo is an active promoter of free health services and programmes of value to his community, and connecting churches with social and health support services.  Lorenzo presents the Samoa Language show on Radio 531PI (PMN) and produces a weekly E-newsletter about health projects, events and workshops with a focus on Pasifka communities in South Auckland.

Samoan Health

Wednesday, 11 May, 2022

Health & Wellness

Lorenzo helps listeners identify health issues and provides information on where you can go for help. An outreach of the P.I. Health and Welfare group.

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