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Samleng Khmer

An independent radio show that has been in production since 1997, Khmer Voice today provides a home for the Cambodian Community in NZ. It is both a reflection of the Khmer community in Auckland and an avenue for new Cambodian migrants. Music mixes with news local and global, interviews, religious topics, settlement topics and issues, with talkback. [64.9.815.8100]


  • Producer / Presenter: Chakara Lim

    Chakara is the founder of the Khmer Voice radio programmes in Auckland. He has been working as a producer, presenter for 'Khmer Voice/ Samleng Khmer" since 1997. He is the mover and shaker who sustains the programme and keeps it fresh. Tech work in television and voluntary work takes all Chakara's free time, so he travels overseas to relax.

  • Presenter: Rotha Touch

    Rotha has been the voice of Samleng Khmer news since 1999, when he first arrived from Cambodia, where he was a journalist for an English newspaper 'Cambodia Daily". He also works as a freelance actor and entertainer in movies, theatre and shows. Deeply involved in his community as a voluntary interpreter, Rotha is also into information technology, accounting and computers.

  • Preenter: Maran Keo

    Maran is a proud mother of three grown children who still carry much of their Khmer culture. Maran says she is open-minded and enjoys assisting people with interpreting, advising, giving time and support and useful information on the radio. She is a big fan of pre-war era, classic Khmer music.

Samleng Khmer

Tuesday, 17 May, 2022

The Khmer Community Report

A community roundup with an extended news bulletin, selected readings and music with Maran

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