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Saanjh Dilan Di

Pal is all about entertainment and brings a wealth of it to a lively two hour show. There’s news and interviews about local and global events. Special entertainments are broadcast for kids and the elderly and lots of music to set the mood for an upbeat weekend.


  • Producer / Presenter: Harpal Singh

    Harpal Singh loves media and works with video, photography and as a DJ both for business and pleasure. He has done years of presenting on community radio and TV and is very involved in community sports and culture. Harpal is a family man and businessman who has made videography and photography his business. For fun Pal plays volleyball.

  • Presenter: Sharandeep Singh

    Despite declaring himself only a bathroom singer, Sharan is interested in voice and voice production in a studio and stage setting.  He graduated in India with an Arts degree and is a very good Bhangra player and dancer.  With his beautiful wife he has two sons and follows football and cricket. Leisure time means reading books and listening to music.


  • Presenter: Paramveer Gill

    A huge cricket fan both on and off the pitch, Paramveer’s professional experience is in shipping and mechanics. He moved to Auckland from Punjab in 2018 to study Business and it was coincidence and community connections that saw him get involved with broadcasting, but he is now involved in a number of radio programmes and loves engaging with audiences on-air.

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