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Rostirea Ortodoxa

Each week Rostirea Ortodoxa builds cultural bridges for Romanians in N.Z. under the auspices of the Romanian Orthodox Church. The programme celebrates Romanian national events, talks with local Romanian personalities and presents stories for children, music, poems, community and church news, religious services, secular and sacred music.


  • Producer / Presenter: Rev. Fr. Mircea Mihai Corpodean

    After nine years as a missionary priest in South Africa, Father Mircea was appointed parish priest of the Saint Ignatius Romanian Orthodox community in Auckland. Busy as Dean of the Romanian Deanery in N.Z., completing a Ph.D and looking after his parish, his wife and three sons, Fr. Michael still manages to organise cultural and spiritual events and a weekly radio show.

Rostirea Ortodoxa

Friday, 21 January, 2022

Romanian Orthodox community outreach

Community news, interviews, festivals, children's items, secular and sacred music.

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