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Resett Radio

Resett Radio is a production of the Aotearoa Resettled Community Coalition whose vision is a settled, integrated and thriving former refugee community in Auckland. ARCC represents some 20 registered refugee/resettled community organisations from 15 different countries. The radio show aims to open discussion on the progress of former refugees in Aotearoa/NZ through interviews, debate, news and talkback. Each week Resett Radio welcomes guests, listens to their stories and music and explores current affairs as they relate to resettlement communities today.


  • Producer / Presenter: Gatluak Chuol

    Formerly a journalist and news presenter in Sudan and Nairobi, Gatluak came from a financial background but enjoyed the interaction with people while presenting in three languages.  Family is first for Gatluak.  He and his wife and four kids enjoy picnics and the outdoors. Reading, playing cards and dominoes, or watching action movies are his time out. His favourite sounds are selected from reggae, religious or traditional music.

  • Presenter: Faisal Farghaly

    Originally from Sudan, Faisal and his family arrived in Aotearoa in 2014 and after completing a course in Building Management, Faisal took on the role of Community Navigator with ARCC. He has become a passionate advocate for newly settled Aucklanders finding their feet in Auckland. Faisal lives in Mt Roskill with his wife and two children.

  • Presenter: Marianna Zvonareva

    Marianna is currently at high school and one of her favourite subjects is media studies, setting her in good stead for her role with Resettled Radio. A multi-instrumentalist who plays percussion, saxophone and flute, she also loves art and is very happy drawing in her spare time. Luckily for the rest of her family, the other hobby she’s known for is cleaning!

  • Presenter: Uliana Zvonareva

    A musician like her sister, Uliana sings, plays violin, and is currently learning the saxophone. At school her favourite subjects are drama and fashion design and she enjoys spending time with friends, but when she’s at home she’s pretty happy taking it easy and enjoying whatever Netflix has on offer.

Resett Radio

Saturday, 31 July, 2021

A production of the Aotearoa Resettlement Community Coalition

The Aotearoa Resettlement Community Coalition explores the issues of resettling after migration as a refugee. Personal stories, expert advice, directions and support.

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  • Beyond Refuge

    • THURSDAY 2/03/2017
    • Settlement

    Gatluak Chol heads to Waiheke Island for the Sculpture on The Gulf festival to speak to various people involved in the Beyond Refuge project. Tiffany Singh's work "The Journey Of A Million Miles Starts With One Step" was presented in collaboration with the ARCC.

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