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New Methodist Christian Fellowship

The New Methodist Christian Fellowship has two outreach programmes. I Am Not Ashamed of The Gospel shares messages of faith, and Against All Odds explores biblical principles and how they can be applied during times of hardship.


  • Presenter: Atunaisa Vulaono

    Senior Pastor Atunaisa Vulaono is the General Superintendent of the New-Methodist Christian Fellowship. After 16 years working for Fiji Airways he left in 2005 to devote his life full-time to serving God. Married with four children and seven grandchildren, Pastor Vulaono holds family values close to his heart and has a passion for helping those in need. His outreach work includes regular trips to New Zealand.

New Methodist Christian Fellowship

Saturday, 19 September, 2020

The Fijian New Methodist Christian Fellowship

Messages from the Christian gospels for the Fijian community.

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