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Muthtamil Sangam

A broad spectrum show, Muthtamil Sangam addresses all ages from kids to elders and brings listeners everything from politics to entertainment. Along with community bulletins, Mani co-ordinates with various Tamil people to make this programme a lively one.


  • Producer / Presenter: Maninilavan Arivukkarasu

    Mani was born in Cuddalore, India and came to NZ in 2001 with an Engineering degree. The father of two is married to Prema, an early childhood teacher. Mani loves his language and enjoys bringing Tamil radio to his community. In his spare time Mani corresponds with a network of friends worldwide while listening to favourite Indian melodies.

  • Presenter: Raja Mani

    Raja came to NZ to study health management and is currently working on the North Shore in the nursing field. He is an experienced radio jockey and produces regular Tamil language broadcasts for Norway, London and Canada. A proud Tamilian, Raja has a sweet tooth but is partial to a tasty biriyani, and when he’s got time to relax he enjoys listen to Tamil songs or watching anything starring his favourite actor Vijay.

Muthtamil Sangam

Saturday, 25 September, 2021

From politics to entertainment ...

Thirukural, puthu kavaithigal, Tamil literature, movie music and the riches of Tamil culture. Drama and children’s segments.

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