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This 20 minute programme informs listeners about the Emergence of Maitreya, The World Teacher and presents articles from Share International magazine and other media, regarding how the ageless wisdom teachings are working out in the world.


  • Producer / Presenter: Mike Howell

    Mike enjoys walking, motorcycling, studying esoteric psychology, and works to protect our environs particularly from plastic. He has been focused on UFOs and related phenomena for 30 years, and lives in Mt Roskill working as a heavy haulage truck driver.

  • Presenter: Megan Scherer

    Megan has been involved with Share International, a network of meditation groups, since 1992.  It was then that she joined the local Transmission meditation group.  Married and living in Birkdale, Megan enjoys a variety of activities including gardening, films, reading and keeping active.

  • Presenter: Lanell Monreal

    Lanell lived overseas for 15 years in Europe and South America and is fluent in Spanish. The mother of two adult children was a teacher for many years and in her young adult years, worked in theatre in three cities.  The arts remain a keen interest for her to this day.

  • Presenter: Peter von Dinklage

    Peter is partial to movies, socialising... and the odd glass of wine. He used to play lawn bowls and while he doesn't have the time for it like he used to, he enjoys giving up time he does have for the radio programme.


Friday, 22 October, 2021

Insights from the Maitreya

Insights on Maitreya and his priorities including items on the ageless wisdom teachings.

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