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Leo 'o Felenite

Produced by the Tongan Women's Association this show began in 1987 with the focus on Early Childhood Education. It has grown to include many Tongan community interests. The old and new mix of Tongan music is popular as are the education updates, health information, positive parenting segments, local and Canberra news bulletins. A short devotion opens each 2 hour programme.


  • Presenter: Dr. Linita Manu’atu

    Linita is passionate about Tongan language and culture and values the radio as a vehicle for maintaining values and traditions.  She shares lots of talatalanoa about Tongan migrants and their descendants.  Linita listens to Tongan music of the 60’s-80’s, watches old movies from the same period and listens to Classical music while caring for her elderly father. Her favourite dishes are exotic Tongan food.

  • Presenter: Tisiola Kakala

    Despite her own independent lifestyle Tisiola feels great compassion for Tongan families who sometimes struggle in Aotearoa. She has retired from a lifetime as a social worker and part-time Family Court counsellor for the Tongan Health Society. Her volunteer and professional work makes her aware of many who are isolated and knows the radio to be valuable therapy for loneliness. Tisiola has a serious rose garden and loves to read.

  • Presenter: Luhama Fale

    As an ECE and Sunday school teacher who often speaks to women’s groups, Luhama is well connected to community. Radio allows her to talk to more people and get their feedback. The mother of three boys enjoys the lyrics and poetry of Tongan music. A gardener of both flowers and vegetables, Luhama savours the Tongan dishes of raw fish and palusami.

  • Presenter: Amelia Schaaf

    News and current affairs are Amelia’s special interest on the radio.  She covers politics and community issues along with the topics of the day. Practising as a lawyer and caring for elders, Amelia chills to the sounds of Mozart or artists like Leonard Cohen and relishes time out gardening and reading.  


Leo 'o Felenite

Monday, 16 May, 2022

The Tongan Women's Association presents!

Old and new Tongan music, education updates, health information, positive parenting segments, news.

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