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Korean Catholic Radio

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Each weekday KCR has regular features: Catholic teaching from the Peace Broadcasting Centre (PBC) Korea, a daily music special, a daily Korean storybook, two comprehensive news bulletins and a community noticeboard, as well as guests from across the community. See the daily players for details.


  • Director: John Han

    John joined the KCR team in 2010 and now hosts the KCR Talk Show segment, as well as working as an announcer and broadcasting operator. John is a Roman Catholic and enjoys music, especially sacred music. He is currently a member of choir at Cathedral of St Patrick & St Joseph.

  • Programme Director: Kiyoun Kim

    Kiyoun has previously worked at the Korean broadcasting station (MBC) as an announcer and FM radio DJ. Now she is producing and hosting two radio programmes at Planet FM - My Music Studio and KCR Talk Show.  Kiyoun likes all kinds of music, especially the classics, and enjoys volunteering with KCR.

  • News Presenter: Rosa Kim

    Rosa Kim came to NZ in 1993 and has been presenting news on KCR since 1998. The mother of two teenage girls, Rosa teaches a weekly class of Korean at Northcote Intermediate and works as the beauty consultant in a city duty-free store. A keen golfer, Rosa also loves swimming.

  • Presenter: Min-Jeong Choi

    Min-Jeong is well travelled but has settled in Auckland with her family. She enjoys the company of friends over an espresso and delights in the company of young adults. Min-Jeong connects with the community through her radio work and with the world by surfing the internet.

  • Presenter: Na-Hyun Gang

    Na-Hyun has been living in NZ with her family since 1994. She is a self-employed registered music therapist working with children and adolescents with disabilities, and a piano tutor. Apart from volunteering at KCR, she also works for the youth group of the Korean parish. She loves singing, playing and listening to music and reading.

  • Presenter: Chun Sun Kim

    Chun Sun has been living with her family in NZ since 2006. She loves music and at university in Korea she hosted Classic Music broadcasts. Chun Sun works as an after-school teacher for special needs and other children and volunteers at the Korean School of Auckland teaching Korean language. Travel and poetry are her other pleasures.

  • Presenter: May Yoo

    May fell in love with New Zealand when she came for a holiday in 2001 and she has been living here ever since. She worked as a broadcaster for 15 years in Korea at KBS and MBC and decided to pursue her passion at KCR. She is currently running a health programme on KCR and works as an acupuncturist and herbalist.

  • Presenter: Sunjae Lee

    Sunjae joined KCR team in 2017 and has worked as news presenter and sound engineer. He now takes charge of finance and technical support. He has lived in New Zealand since 2001, and loves taking photos of beautiful scenery around New Zealand.

Korean Catholic Radio

Friday, 15 January, 2021

Regular PBC broadcasts with news and features

Friday the mood is young and energised with the Music Lounge special as well as all the regular KCR features.

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