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Iranz Ava

With contributors across Aotearoa, Iranz Ava is by and for the Iranian community. The show celebrates Iranian culture in New Zealand and features Persian poetry, interviews and music. Sponsored by Alpha 1 Insurance.



    With a Bachelor's degree in Clinical Psychology and Master's in Human Resources Management, Arezou is a lifelong learner when it comes to mental health, self-awareness, art and art therapy; finding meaning in all aspects of life as well as working in the corporate world. She is happiest practising photography and getting just the right angle on her subject, listening to good music or getting lost in a deep and meaningful movie.


    With a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and an MSc in Aerospace Engineering, Elham has had a colourful career as a supervisor in educational institutes, project manager in an engineering company, and even as a Maths tutor. Elham loves being involved in the community. She has always been interested in the media landscape and sees media as being about people. Elham finds listening to music and podcasts as a great way to chill, though she'll never pass up the opportunity to participate in a social event or gathering.


    Passionate about community empowerment and bringing different communities together, Shahram is committed to living in a multicultural New Zealand and believes in the ability of community radio to connect people. Shahram has worked at Radio New Zealand Concert for the past fifteen years, taking on various roles including Programme Coordinator, Music Producer, Music Scheduler and Music Librarian. He is also a musician, composer and songwriter and leads a Wellington-based band called ‘Sounds Like Us’, playing music from around the globe.

  • Scriptwriter / Producer: Hakimeh Khajeh

    Hakimeh completed a Master's degree in social sciences from Massey University and a Graduate diploma in political science from the University of Auckland, and her passions extend to creative writing and philosphy. Hakimeh migrated to New Zealand in 2011 and now lives with her family in Auckland.

  • Scriptwriter / Producer: Jafar Mirzaee

    Born in Kermanshah, Jafar undertook BA and MA studies in English language and Literature in Iran. He completed his PhD studies on early modern English literature and deconstruction philosophy at Victoria University in 2013 before going back to Iran for six years to work at Razi University of Kermanshah. He returned to Wellington in 2019 and now works as a research advisor at DIA.

  • PRODUCER/ PRESENTER: Minoo Esfehani

    Minoo arrived in NZ in 2014 to undertake a PhD in Tourism Planning. Before that and for over six years she wrote for different newspapers in Iran and produced radio programmes, mainly about her favorite topics; travel, tourism and Iranology. A mother with a deep passion for nature, history and culture, she loves helping the younger generation of Iranians learn more about Iran and to connect with their culture and identity.


    Mona migrated to NZ in 2009 and has lived in Wellington since then. She just completed her PhD in machine learning and artificial intelligence, and is passionate about children and their brain development. A mother of two, she is interested in children’s education and her one wish for the world it is that it be a place where all children have loving relationships and good mental health.

  • PRODUCER/ PRESENTER: Sabrin Hayavi

    An industrial engineer by profession, and now living in Wellington, Sabrin gained radio experience working on Sepanjgah with a number of her co-hosts, and will be honing her presentation skills on Iranz Ava. A keen traveller and hiker, she enjoys exploring cities, and shares her experiences in Persian on her social media channels. Sabrin has volunteered in various activities, including as an executive committee member of ICSW.   

  • PRODUCER/ PRESENTER: Majid Ghanbari

    An Auckland local, Majid is a full-time factory worker with a wide range of interests and a love of helping others. His hobbies include cooking, reading, and watching sports, as well as getting out for a walk or to visit friends. When he’s not listening the latest sports news he enjoys music, and has a particular passion for Persian classical music.


    Hoda came to New Zealand with her husband in 2009 to pursue study in Plant Pathology at Lincoln University. After graduation, she worked as a researcher at Bio-Protection Research Centre, Christchurch, where she also volunteered with the Iranian Community in running Toranj, a Persian language radio programme. Mum to a five-year-old and working full-time for Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), she applies her technical expertise to protecting New Zealand’s biosecurity, ensuring a better world for future generations.


    Manda came to New Zealand in 2011 to complete her PhD in Genetics (University of Otago), before relocating to Wellington, where she now works regulating live Genetically Modified Organisms. She runs a charity, Bikaraan, which helps people in need back in Iran, and a Persian literature club that she founded with co-host Hoda. She enjoys travel, New Zealand nature, and plays the Daf, a Persian percussion instrument. Manda brings presentation, production and scriptwriting skills to Iranz Ava.

  • PRODUCER/ PRESENTER: Parisa Sadeghi

    Parisa’s passion is working with children, making them happy, teaching them new things and creating a better world for them. She is a mother of two and moved to New Zealand in 2013. A woman of many talents, Parisa has experience in acting, teaching, design, and arts, and has recently started telling bedtime stories for kids.


    With a Master of Science in Polymer Engineering, Sahar’s professional focus is on the design and synthesis of novel chemical materials for industrial applications. She also has a keen interest in psychological topics and will share her research in this area on Iranz Ava, helping people to gain a better and deeper understanding of life and how to live cheerfully. She enjoys researching new topics, reading, help others solve problems, socialising, traveling and listening to music.

  • CO-ORDINATOR / PRESENTER: Mouzhgan Shabani

    A teacher assistant with 20 years experience, Mouzhgan works with kids with diverse needs and backgrounds.  A busy mum, weekends are all about family, but she remains a very social and active member of the community both on and offline. A tutor of Persian language and dance, she enjoys introducing Iranian arts and culture to others. Mouzhgan loves sports, especially swimming, enjoys wildlife moves, and is always up for party.

Iranz Ava

Wednesday, 27 April, 2022

By and for Iranian Kiwis

An entertaining half hour of poetry, music and interviews for Persian speakers in Aotearoa

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