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Hamro Chautari

Each week Haamro Chautari offers the chance for the Nepalese community to gather round and share their culture, news of the local community as well as the latest from Nepal. The hosts also present a selection of new music and golden hits. Interviews and updates on community events in Auckland keep the connection with the Nepalese way of life.


  • Presenter: Alina Bista

    Radio won Alina’s heart in childhood. In 2009 she became a radio d.j. at home in Nepal. As a business student in NZ she has taken the chance to present radio for the Nepalese community. Alina enjoys baking and reading romantic novels. She’s a traveller, eager to explore beautiful places and return with selfies to show.

  • Presenter: Bipan Bhandari

    Media is Bipan’s business. He worked for eight years as a news and programme presenter on Nepali TV.  He’s an actor and model and hosts cultural and community events here.  Bipan who has a Masters in mass communications and English literature, enjoys singing and playing sport, especially football and cricket.  Married to Rojina, Bipan likes cooking and exploring the city and surrounds.

Hamro Chautari

Friday, 24 September, 2021

Events here and in Nepal

The show is a weekly get-together of the Nepalese community with updates on local and international events concerning Nepalese, as well as nostalgic and new music.

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