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Grahon Ka Khel

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The ancient art of astrology can help us understand much about our lives. In this programme, Red Book astrologer Jagjit Singh discusses the planets and signs, their importance in human life. He also explores paranormal investigations, spiritual healings, meditation, dream interpretation and numerology.


  • Astrologer: Jagjit Singh

    Jagjit Singh is a Red Book Vedic astrologer. From the age of 12 he was fascinated with astrology and in 1995 moved from his work in import-export in Bahrain and Hong Kong, to India where he undertook his astrological studies. In 2008 he came to New Zealand. Jagjit practises yoga and meditation to aid his astrological work.

  • Producer: Reeta Singh

    Reeta worked in the legal profession in India until moving to NZ in 2008. She is now a director of a legal service company to non-resident Indians. Reeta loves singing, writing and gaining new skills. She presents a Punjabi news bulletin on an Australian Indian radio station and is assisting husband Jagjit in presenting Grahon Ka Khel.

Grahon Ka Khel

Saturday, 11 July, 2020

Grahon ka Khel

A guide to understanding Red Book Astrology and how it can offer insight into our lives.

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