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Dalmatian Radio

The Dalmatian Cultural Society has been on air since 1994 with a radio outreach to the old and new Dalmatian community in NZ. We present Society news and explore the achievements of Kiwis of Dalmatian descent. The music selected from around the former Yugoslavia is both nostalgic and modern.


  • Producer / Presenter: Nick Bartulovich

    Nick served on the Executive Committee of the Dalmatian Cultural Society, one of NZ’s oldest, from 1993; five years as Vice-President, over 18 years as Secretary. He played various instruments in their Tamburica Orchestra for 24 years as well as various dance and show bands from the late 60’s to the 80’s. With the radio show he remains committed to preserving the culture and keeping the Dalmatian Community connected.

Dalmatian Radio

Tuesday, 10 May, 2022

The Dalmatian Society keeps you up-to-date

Music and Dalmatian Society news for the old and new Dalmatian community in NZ. Favourite music and Society events.

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